04 March 2008

Tony rox

Here's Tony Jones on the question of being "born again" (HT: The Emergent Village Blog; Tony's being interviewed by a critical pastor named John):
John: Ok, when were you born again?
Tony: But when did I really take on the Lordship of Jesus Christ?
John: Yes that’s… (indistinct)
Tony: You know what? Today, this morning.
John: This morning…every day. Daily.
Tony: Absolutely.
John: Daily, every day. And that’s what you gotta do.
Tony: That’s right.
John: Romans chapter 12.
Tony: That’s not a copout either I’m not like saying that to…“scramble your eggs” in your words, like really truly, I can’t look back on one day and go “that was the day that I took on the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my life.” I can’t. It is an ongoing battle… (indistinct)
John: Is it a daily…
Tony: But for me John, listen, for me it’s a daily…DAILY. I wonder if this whole thing’s a total crock. DAILY. I think, “Is there really a God? Is my whole life based on a hoax?” Every day I make a decision to go one day more. I mean really. I really… I’m agnostic in that sense, in that I…every day I don’t know.
John: I’m sorry.
Tony: No, no I think it’s beautiful. I think it’s a way to live as an intellectually honest person, because God is not a provable commodity. All the evidence in the world does not prove God. It ultimately depends on faith. As the Bible makes ABUNDANTLY clear.
Wow, what a great, honest, true answer (IMHO).

You might want to check out the complete video on the EV blog.

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spankey said...

did you watch the whole video? it is sweet; i really appreciate the way in which tony challenges, always in love. anyway, been praying for your family, hope all is well.

you helping with the cohort stuff? peace stuff? mclaren stuff? i'd love to hear about it. not many emerging folk here on the gulf coast.