24 May 2003


Leaving for a week on vacation tomorrow, so you throngs of readers who wait with bated breath for a few precious words from me will have a bit longer to wait. Try to cope.

17 May 2003

Deep thoughts on Surfer Dude

I said the following in an IM session to my brother Sean an hour or so ago, and he thought it was pretty insightful, so I'll post it here. It's about the Matrix movies, in case that's not blatantly obvious.

"People grumble about Keanu, but show me one other actor who can simultaneously play a kung-fu action hero, Christ, Buddha, and a complete fucking idiot, all at the same time."

I know that, with "simultaneously", and "at the same time", I'm being somewhat redundant. Besides that, I'm saying the same thing twice. But that was the quote as told to my bruddah, and to say otherwise would be to tell a lie.

As if you cared...

I think you need to be a bit of an extrovert to blog. I'm not. I'm an INFP (or INFJ, depending on my mood and the tenor of the questions).

First Post, but one

This was going to be my first post in my new blog, which I'm creating mostly because I don't feel like sleeping right now. But in fact it's my second. Like it matters. The quality of this post is probably representative of that of the future blog. Which should serve to drive away any potential readers.

Look, I can do bold.


Trying again

Trying a second entry, 'cause the first one didn't seem to take.