10 August 2003

World Waffling Federation

Hey, do ya think Governer Arnold and Governor Jesse will wrestle at the National Governors Association meetings? That would be so cool!

07 August 2003

News flash: blessing permitted in church

And Episcopal churches are also officially allowed to bless same-sex unions now, although the national church won't be developing an official liturgy for that ceremony. Yet. Yay!

06 August 2003


Have I mentioned that I'm very proud of my church? :-D

04 August 2003

Shake rattle and roll

I'm not sure what I read, a whole bunch of posts back, to make me think the Episcopal Church had already ordained our first openly gay Bishop, because we're actually right in the midst of controversy over the issue of his election, and it's all exciting-like. Stay tuned. The Rector of my church is at the convention and is returning this Sunday to preach, so maybe he'll say a word about it.