23 September 2011

My new tat

Hey y'all - check out my gawjus new tattoo (above).

See the chalice in the middle?  See what it's sitting on?  You know what that is?  That's a Common Table, yo.  :-)

Here's a pic of my amazing tattoo artist, Amy X (aka Ax), working her magic:

If you live in the DC area and are thinking of getting some ink, you'd be a damn fool not to talk to Amy.

Photo credits go to my tat buddy, the lovely and labyrinthine Maranda Tennyson.

And a big hat tip to our extraordinary friend Amy the Moffitt, who introduced Maranda and me to Ax!

18 September 2011

Live Lectio/Flash Fiction - Exodus 12

This is a fictional response to a reading of a passage of scripture during Common Table's Sunday morning worship service on retreat at Shrine Mont on 4 September, 2011.  It's also a cross-post from our shared Common Table blog; please see the first post in this series for context, as well as the biblical passage being responded to.


It was only an hour before the appointed time, when the Lord would send his angel of death - the angel with the flaming sword that would cut out the heart of each Egyptian family.  Rachel snuck out while her father was bundling their few possessions, and her mother was cleaning the remains of the tiny leg of lamb they’d been given by their next door neighbor.

She moved quickly down the street, careful not to slosh the blood in the bowl she carried.  At each Egyptian home she reached, Rachel dipped her rag into the bowl, and hastily dribbled blood on the doorframe.

She kept on running into the dark, painting hope on as many doors as she could reach, until the dawn broke, and Rachel heard the first wails of anguish from the homes further on down the street.

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