03 March 2008

On being an artist

I don't usually think of myself as an artist. With effort, I can be an OK writer, but in general I think my gifts lie outside what most people tend to think of as artistic endeavors.

However, sometimes I think I'm capable of elevating hypocrisy to the level of a rare masterpiece. I've been known to create works of symmetrical, even recursive hypocrisy. It's very beautiful, if you have the eye to appreciate it.

Absolutely true story: This past Saturday, 1 March. These thoughts go through my head:

"Hmm. There's a pretty good chance, I hear, that a reporter from the Washington Post is going to be at church tomorrow morning. And I'm scheduled to be up front, leading content [sort of like a sermon, only (in my case) with a whole lot more um's and ah's] and celebrating the Eucharist.

"I don't think I should shave.

"I don't want her to think that I'm concerned about appearances."


P3T3RK3Y5 said...

dude - seriously, the american look is fundamentally built on that (or something very close to it) kind of thinking...

we dress like slobs to show we have enough leisure time and money that we dont care - while the rest of the world tries to dress up...


WMS said...

yea, P3t3rk3y5 is right. Unless you're truly poor in many countries overseas, you absolutely *don't* dress like an American... but that wasn't your point. Your inner monologue was very funny. I wondered something similar, too, the last time there was a reporter around... kept wondering when he was going to come over and ask me questions because of course I look thoughtful and provocative, right!!!???