19 March 2008

Do not meddle in the affairs of freegans, for they are subtle, and quick to make off with your discarded organic free-range chickens

I'm back on the Dive Team! (Junior Varsity, natch - if you missed the sad tale of my previous attempt at dumpster diving, you can read it right here.) I went out this evening with a different mentor (plus a fellow n00b), and we successfully rescued a whole bunch of fresh strawberries, maybe ten loaves of assorted sliced bread, some ground beef, shaved beef, sausages, and eggs, and a henhouse worth of organic free-range chickens from their landfill-rotting destiny. Nummy!

New Mentor taught us padawans much about the subtle (and subtlety is key!) art of suburban gleaning. Her dive-fu is strong.

Of course, none of us are really freegans. We all still eat food that someone valued enough to make us pay money for. But now that I've completed my first successful mission, I'm beginning to feel the pride that comes from legitimate street cred.

Yeah, I eat garbage. Picked it m'self, yo. :-D


Jayce from Rochester said...

I remember doing that too back in 2005. I still do now and then, although largely for pizza and mostly in winter when stuff stays refrigerated all by itself

Of course, that was one of the posts my mom read and it kind of weirded her out.

Scott Childress said...

ahhhhh! i love this. my wife is vegan, so that can make it a bit tougher.....but i would love to have some advice on how to get started...

not only does this sound like a great way to thumb my nose at the "man" - but i'm always down with some free food.

Mike Croghan said...

@jayce - yeah, I'm pretty confident that my mom will never read my blog. Hope I'm not wrong. :-)

@scott - I'll email you - I'm not sure the establishments that are the choicest spots for this would appreciate that fact being Googleable, and we certainly don't want to spook them. Subtlety is the watchword. ;-)

Scott Childress said...

thanks for the advice! im ready for my first covert adventure.

kate said...

i'm quite bummed I missed it! However, my child would've been up 'til midnight otherwise, I fear. Darn that SuperMario.