19 March 2006

Helping the Lamb Center help Fairfax's homeless folks

My friend Marco has set up a blog for the Lamb Center which will be updated with their current needs:


Also, if you click on "deliveries calendar" in the right-hand links area, you can get to a calendar showing who's bringing what when to the Lamb Center. If you want to sign up to being stuff (sandwiches, etc.) on a particular day, leave a comment, and Marco will update the actual calendar post shortly.

Marco also created a Yahoo! Groups e-mail list for discussing the Lamb Center's needs and how to help meet them:


If you'd like to subscribe to the that forum, just send a blank e-mail to:


You can choose to get a daily digest, so you get no more than one e-mail per day.

If you live in the area, please consider helping, and please pass this info onto folks in your churches, friends, etc. With the new restrictions it's now living with (including being completely dependent on us to bring prepared food to serve its guests), Fairfax County's only daytime homeless shelter really needs our help to keep serving and transforming the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors!

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