05 March 2006

Great day

Wow, what a great day. Naturally, I spent most of it at church, or at least hanging out with church folks. It would have been better if we'd spent some of it out in the world doing some kind of compassionate work with our neighbors, instead of just among "us church people", but it was a great day nonetheless. And it's not like it was all selfish, inward-directed stuff: the first weekend of March Mission Madness at Holy Comforter (highlighting the good works of the Episcopal Church Women, including the Pennywise Thrift Shop here in Vienna, and the United Thank Offering, which raises money for all kinds of great Kingdom work), followed by a time of Lenten fellowship with Mars Hill in which we ate simple homemade fare instead of the usual Chipotle burritos and reserved the would-be Chipotle money for a family in need. Then, this evening, a big Lenten fellowship/study session at Holy Comforter that I believe may lead to some missional transformation. So, it was all good.

Unfortunately, it ended with my receipt of some terribly bad news: the temporary closing and (what sounds like) permanent service reduction of the Lamb Center, which does so much to serve the homeless population of Fairfax County. It may be that there is some action called for to counteract this tragedy. Stay tuned. God's work will be done, as long as God's hands and feet don't fall asleep.

And, I really wanted to do the next chapter of CCotC, but instead I find I must sleep. Again, thanks for bearing with me. Peace, brothers and sisters.

Great day,
Great day,
Great day!
That the Lord has made!
So let us
Shout it out!
And let us sing!
And praise His name!
Our God and King!
For all He brings
On this great day!


Deanna said...

Bad news indeed, about the Lamb Center. Let us know what we can do. I'm in the mood for a little civil disobedience. ;)

Mike Croghan said...

I'm being asked - by the good guys - to cool jets for the moment. But I'll be keeping a vigilant eye on this. I'll keep y'all in the loop.