25 July 2011

The mother lode (of resources for folks wanting to work in solidarity with LGBTQI folks)

So Shay (the Anarchist Reverend) got sick of having the same conversations over and over again and created a resources page   It's full of good stuff (including lots of stuff I previously linked to, and lots of stuff I hadn't seen yet).  It's a great meta-resource - thanks, Shay!

A couple of other resources folks have put in my path:

10 Ways to Be an Ally, via Adele

And finally, a post (via Shay) that asks, Can we stop using the term ally?  I find its argument pretty persuasive, so I'm personally going to try to stop applying that term to myself.  It didn't feel all that comfortable a fit, anyway.

Thanks, all!

image: AttributionNoncommercial Some rights reserved by kfwk_lobo

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