07 February 2008

Rowan Williams on the Emerging Church

I like ++Rowan a lot, and I think his observations on strengths and weaknesses in emerging church contexts (the first video below) are spot-on. And it seems that the Church of England is doing some very cool things with its "Fresh Expressions" initiative (which Archbishop Williams speaks about in the second video below).

Note to the Episcopal Church: Wake up! Pay attention! Get a clue! This is infinitely more important than fighting schism! TEC will be much healthier and stronger in a decade or two if it includes, blesses, and supports younger and postmodern people, than it will if it succeeds in preventing folks who want to leave from leaving but misses the boat on "fresh expressions" of church. Among other things, folks who are leaving for AMiA and CANA are not leaving the Church (!!), and we are still all part of the same Body. If we continue to ignore folks who want to serve God and neighbor - and who would do so - would become followers of Jesus - in an emerging way of being church but would not do so in a traditional Anglican context - we are falling down on the Great Commission and seriously failing in a core matter of obedience to our Lord. Srsly.

Anyway, here's the Archbishop (HT: Emergent Village Weblog):


Stratoz said...

5 years ago I stumbled into an Episcopalian church where the gray heads were out numbered, the rector who attracted us left in a bit of disgrace, but a small clump of us hung on and are riding out the storm of low numbers.

your community looks interesting. may it be nourshing to you.

Mike Croghan said...

Thanks, Wayne, and sorry to hear about difficult times in your community. I think small numbers aren't necessarily a bad thing, and can indeed be a great thing for fostering strong community. Blessings to you!