19 February 2006

Thank you

I just wanted to mention how thankful I am that I was blessed to have not one, but two, good friends within the last week care enough about my spiritual formation to talk to me about it and say things that weren't completely easy for them to say. I won't name any names, but Eleanor and Mike know who they are. :-) Thanks, sister; thanks, brother. I may not always follow your advice, but I will always listen, always think and pray deeply about it, and always greatly appreciate your caring and honesty. Please don't ever hesitate to say what you feel called to say to me. I thank God that you do. Same goes for others who have done the same in the past. (A certain former college roomie comes to mind.) Thank you!

Also, a quick update: I apologize to those interested in and waiting for the series on The Continuing Conversion of the Church. It's coming, I promise! I've been pretty durn busy for the last week, and expect to remeain so for a while, so thanks for your patience.

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