25 February 2006

Sorry for nothing

...that is, the "nothing" that's been showing up on this blog for the last couple of weeks. I usually manage to find time to write something on the weekends, but last weekend was chock full of prayerful discernment and hanging out with homeless folks, and weekdays have been filled with a really busy day job plus lots of church things in the evenings. And helping my lovely wife get ready for the big honkin' hike. That stuff is likely to continue until the end of March. But starting in April I'm gonna be a trail bachelor and will have more time. Until then, unfortunately, expect more "blog fast", as TSK likes to call it. (That's "fast" as in abstinence, not as in quick.)

But nonetheless, I'm going to try my durndest to get the first post on the Darrell Guder's book (The Continuing Conversion of the Church) this weekend. Thanks for your patience. We know that your rude theology shopping options are plentiful, and we thank you for choosing this blog. ;-)

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