03 October 2005

You can't take the sky from me....

OK, folks, I must say I'm a bit disappointed with the turnout for Serenity this weekend. Among current storytellers, Joss Whedon is easily in my top five (and probably in my top three) in the whole 'verse, and this is the first major motion picture over which he's had real creative control. And it kicks ass! Character, dialogue, action, humor, attractive actors, explosions, interesting thematic elements, humor, important questions raised (about freedom, belief, commitment, corruption), humor.... This is the guy who brought us Buffy and Angel. Everyone must see his movie.

Anyway, given the box office, I strongly suspect (much to my dismay) that not all six of my readers went and saw the movie this past weekend. It's OK. I forgive you. But see it this week! See it now! Ma shong, you bunch of gao yang jong duh goo yang!

OK, I'm better now.



Anonymous said...

So, I'm working on the layout of my(Episcopal)church's newletter, and our rector's letter quotes a prayer of St. Anselm's from which a word has clearly been omitted.

So, I use my googlefu to find the prayer and the missing word and wind up on a page that links to your blog. And there it is: You can't take the sky from me ...

I have stumbled across another Joss Whedon fan. Glo-ry!!!

And now you have me following links all over the place to find out what this emergent church stuff is all about, and reading most of your posts, with which I must say I find myself in (mostly) agreement.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

In an attempt to repay, I want to let you know about our site of bereft Whedonists called the Soulful Spike Society, or S3. Our home page is http://www.soulfulspike.com/ and there are many fine reviews, discussions, etc. on that page, which have grown to include some other shows since we have been Jossless. It also has links to the forum pages, where you might like to see what kind of silliness we get into in the absence of new Whedon to discuss--which often includes revisiting various aspects of the shows.

We don't discuss religion or politics in the open forum except as we reflect on the work of our favorite atheist, but we do often rise above the silliness and occasional fun-loving smuttiness to sometimes have interesting discussions.

One site that collected links to the still-extant Whedon boards called us the "intellectual site."

But even if you don't choose to come round, to join in or just to lurk, thanks for turning me on to a whole "movement"(?) in the church which was beginning to drive me away with its insistance on "correct belief" vs. "correct action."

I'm gonna have fun poking around on all those sites.

Mike Croghan said...

Hi Jan! I'm glad I could point you at the Emerging Church! As you can tell, I'm pretty excited about its potential.

I checked out soulfulspike.com--looks like a truly staggering amount of stuff I could get lost in if I chose to, so I think I'm going to let it sit a while. Having just come back from a trip, I'm feeling pretty busy right now, but probably later I'll dig in a bit.

Take care!