30 October 2005

Shape of blogs to come

OK, I've been promising blogs about my recent trip to Minnesota, and I've yet to deliver. And here again I've run out of day. But I do intend to blog on this, probably quite a bit, so I'll whet your collective appetite with an outline of the sorts of things I plan to write about, hopefully within the next week:

1) A post on the Gospel of Luke. No, not that Luke. (Yes, Eleanor, that Luke.) Those of you who don't know my friends Blair and Dwight and their delightful son will have to wait--not too long--to find out what I'm on about.

2) A confessional post on a conversation I had with Blair that made me re-assess where I stand vis-a-vis my connection with Buddhism.

3) At least one post (probably more) on the subject matter of the conference I attended. These will be on the theological conversation about Missional Church and how that conversation is being translated (by folks with deep roots in both theology and social sciences) into concrete tools for congregations and systems of congregations to discern their missional calling in the world.

4) A post about some concerns I have about two (apparently largely independent) conversations about the way churches are changing in the 21st century. The first is the Missional Church movement being pioneered on this continent by the Gospel and Our Culture Network, Luther Seminary, and others, whose language (at least) is being adopted enthusiastically by nondenominational and Southern Baptist evangelical churches (among others). The second is the "Intentional Church" movement being studied by Diana Butler Bass and others at Virginia Theological Seminary and elsewhere and being picked up on by many mainline protestant churches. My concern is not with either one of these movements, both of which (in my opinion) are the result of powerful activity of the Spirit within the church. My concern is with their apparent independence. They need each other. Or so I believe. More later.

5) A post on my experience at one of the most iconic Emerging Churches, Solomon's Porch in Minneapolis. (Nutshell version: If you ever find yourself in the Twin Cities on a Sunday evening, go!!)

Hmm. OK, that's as far ahead as I can reasonably plan my blogging life. Stay tuned!

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