05 May 2008

Caption contest

The winner will receive, well, I dunno, prolly several dozen LOLz from amused readers of this blog. Here's the photo:

I would certainly accept Biblical chapter and verse references as captions, but Matthew 4:18-20 and John 21:4-6 are already taken. However, feel free to (mis)quote from those passages, or any others, at will.

Ready...steady...go! :-D

HT: My day job pal Ed, who supplied the Buddy Christ, the little plastic fish, the gorgeous beach photo from his native Cape Cod, the camera that took this shot - heck, everything but the blog. I am merely a conduit for Ed's genius.


Unknown said...

Behold! Three miracles for the price of one! Fishes for the masses; laden with mercury - the sole metal blessed by my father to be liquid at standard temperature and pressure - resulting in: your rapid need for salvation from ME, for your time will quickly be nigh after feasting upon these!

Deanna said...

You shoulda seen the one that got away!