16 November 2007

A force for goo

This is really old news, but I've been interwebs-impaired for most of the week. There was an article on the Opinion page of my Beloved Employer this past Monday on the Emerging Church. The writer (a stringer, unfortunately, so I couldn't just walk down to the 3rd floor and say howdy) seems to be a fan of the movement, calling it "A Force For Good" - but I found the truncated version of the headline in the online story's URL more amusing. :-)

In sadder news, Beloved Employer is laying some folks off. :-(

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Gallycat said...

the force for goo post made my e cafe picks yesterday but because of my crazy schedule i passed it along to nick to post today! i meant to mention last night that it might be in the hopper there, and you might want to pass the word along to the writer that we picked it up. ;)

also, I hope you're not among the casualties?

and how does one become a stringer for yr beloved employer, just out of curiosity?