08 November 2007

I am the LOLrus. Goo goo ga joob.


1) I forgot to give a hat-tip to Randy for the Olbermann rant on the Bush administration and water-boarding.

2) Turns out Hillary's entourage did leave a tip. Maybe. Maybe it was on a credit card. Maybe it was cash. Maybe it didn't get shared among the staff like it was meant to.

Whatever. If I was wrong to believe that Sen. Clinton and her peeps neglected this, then I apologize. But my bucket is still pretty empty, and I'm sorry to say that my impression of the Senator led me to believe this pretty readily. :-(


Perhaps you've met the LOLrus. If not, allow me to introduce you to his tragic tale:


Sad, no?

How am I like the LOLrus, you ask? Well, not in many ways, honestly. Very little has ever been taken from me. However, there is one thing I must admit that I miss - perhaps not as muct as LOLrus misses his bukkit, but acutely. Acutely.

I miss mah sense of hope and respect for US national politics. The Bush administration, it seems clear, is almost completely devoid of integrity. (I'm afraid I probably have to retract my earlier "I respect Dubya" post.) And as I look at the presidential election that's shaping up, my temptation to laugh about Christian Right leaders endorsing Republican candidates - who utterly fail to represent the values the Christian Right supposedly stand for - is more than dampened by the probability that I'll be forced to vote for Hillary Clinton instead. I really don't want to vote for Hillary. She so totally doesn't get it. :-(

I still have some hope. Not a bucketful, but some. Mostly in Obama. But quite honestly, the hope that can fill that particular bucket - politics - it probably always going to be pretty false, IMHO.

So, bye bye, bucket. I miss you. But in retrospect, you were always empty.


P3T3RK3Y5 said...
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P3T3RK3Y5 said...

thanks mike.

i'm right with you. and glad to see your retraction of what was a very noble idea (I didn't vote for him but I hope he does a good job). you're a bigger man than me for that attempt.

i'm with you on obama. i think there is a lot there. he actually knows what net netrality is! and i see a spiritual guy - not a religious one. recently kucinich has been really surprising me too - in a really good way. and Bill Richardson has seemed on it.

in this sense - i have a bucket that impeachment and criminal charges could be leveled against this administration. that the religious affiliation of the far right with politics could forever loose its credibility (shout out to Pat!) forcing people to start thinking on their own. and that there seem to be more than one guy in democratic party that has some cred. there are some idiots out there and some opportunitists - but for the first time in a while - it doesn't seem to be the lesser of all evils.

unless the media our entertainment industry really screw things up.

[REDACTED] said...

You'll "be forced to vote for Hillary Clinton?" Is somebody holding a gun to your head? Damn, dude. Things have gotten pretty bad down there in DC.

I say Mike Gravel all the way. Anybody who will go on national TV and say that they racked up $90,000 in credit card debt and then declared bankruptcy because the credit card companies deserve it has my meaningless and ineffectual vote!

Mike Croghan said...

Well, of course by "forced" I mean "forced, if I want a non-meaningless, non-ineffectual vote". This is assuming that there's any chance at all that VA won't be a foregone-conclusion red state next year; otherwise, my vote will be meaningless and ineffectual no matter what I do. Yay for the electoral college!

DreamNT said...

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