28 August 2007

Cruachan Ai

A few days ago, I got an email from another Mike Croghan. Here it is:
Just thought I would say hi.
I was googling my name and came up with your site.
Mike John Croghan.
Cruachan AĆ­ Heritage Centre,
Tulsk, Co. Roscommon,
Web: www.cruachanai.com
So, go ahead and click on that link, why don't you? Isn't that cool? So I asked Mike if there's any linguistic connection between "Cruachan" and "Croghan", and he replied:
Yes there is a connection between the two names. Cruachan is the gaelic for Croghan.
The name Croghan is a west Roscommon east Longford name and in translation it means people of the conical mounds. In fact this area has hundreds of conical mounds as it is the ancient seat of the kings of Connacht.
The fact that your ancestors came from Galway is no surprise as we are only about 30 minutes chariot ride from the Galway border.
There are very few Croghans left so be proud of your heritage!!!
And I am! I had no idea about any of this. If I ever manage to get off-continent, Ireland is tops on my list of places to visit, and now Tulsk is tops on my list of places to visit in Ireland. Croghans are cool, don'tcha know! :-)


Mike Stavlund said...

In days of yore, ye Cruachan's built great conical mounds of earth. Today, it is killer web apps that ye produce.

It is a fine and proud heritage, good Mike Croghan(s).

Ken Tennyson said...

That is really cool Mike!!