11 June 2007

"mesh" gathering at my house Thursday evening

Another reminder (or very possibly, new information!): we're doing the next gathering of the little community called "mesh" at my (new) house in Herndon this coming Thursday evening, the 14th. We'll be noshing, quaffing, and socializing a bit starting at 7pm, and then watching the movie Jesus Camp and discussing it starting at 7:30. You are most welcome!

More info is on the official "mesh" blog; please don't hesitate to email me if you need directions or more info or to arrange a ride or something.


Gallycat said...

ARGH. I have a work function to attend that night. (well, I'm winning an award from a national publications place, so ...)

i'll probably call you when i'm out to see if anything is still going on!


Gallycat said...

PS. I tagged you.