13 May 2007

Something I wrote during this morning's service

(By the way, the image at left is of a painting by my unbelievably talented artist friend Becky. If you like it, check out her online gallery.)

I'm not sure this (below) counts as a poem. It was sort of meant as a response to Ken's excellent homily in today's service within our Easter Season series. (Series word/image: "blooms".) We did a kind of extemporaneous poetry slam in response to Ken's content this morning. I'm hoping some of the other folks will send their stuff in to be posted on the church services blog that doesn't quite exist yet, but will soon. I'm not that impressed with my own effort, but some of my homeys' words were so sharp and fresh as to elicit gasps, as well as finger snaps. (That's a beat poet thing, or so I understand from my friends Mark and Mike, not to mention So I Married an Ax Murderer.) Anyway, here's my...whatever it is:


Open, fragile, full of potential - ?


God helps those who help themselves
I am the master of my destiny
The future I see - the future I WANT
For myself, my family, my community, my world
Will only happen if I MAKE it happen
It's on me to takethe bull by the horns
And steer my future toward
Well, toward something better
Fuller, richer...

We know this...right?
It's just common sense.




That's just crazy...right?