31 May 2007

Moved. Dammit.

That was the most grueling 5-day "weekend" EVAH. :-) Unpacking at the new house; minor renovations, yard work, and LOTS of cleaning at the old house in what will probably prove to be a vain effort to get much of our security deposit back; a heap of move-related errands; and some small amount of sleep. But we're DONE, for some definition of done. Done with round one of unpacking, where almost everything is out of boxes and roughly where it belongs. (Round 2, where everything is more precisely where it belongs and everything is clean, needed to wait until our cleaning supplies made it over from the old place, anyway.) Done, done, and done with the falling-apart rental house in Vienna. Done with the oven where the knobs have no labels and are falling off. Done with the fridge with pieces peeling off it. Done with the doors that won't close. Done with mowing the big, unused lawn. Done with the landlord and property manager doing nothing with the place, ever, ever, ever, no matter how many times we call, even if the roof leaks whenever it rains or it's impossible to lock the deadbolt in the front door. Done. Tired, sore, and contented. And done.

BTW, I tried to email everybody I could think of with our new address, but if I missed you, please chalk it up to fatigue and email me for the scoop. Also, note that our home phone number won't work for a while as we're transferring over the old landline number to Tina's new cell phone. So the best way to reach us by voice is to call my cell. (Email me if you need the number.) Finally...we won't get internet hooked up at the new place until next Thursday (the 7th), so apologies if I'm a little less responsive than usual.


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