09 October 2006


Sometimes, folks have asked me what "missional" means. Other times (I'm sure), they've heard me use the word and wondered what in blazes I was talking about.

Here's what it means.

Thanks, Bartimaeus.


Missional Jerry said...

he has hit it on the head!

Sonja Andrews said...

Other people have linked to this definition but I couldn't say this on their blogs because they don't know me very well. But (while it is a good definition) I was under impressed. I've been doing that my whole Christian life. I don't know what all the fuss is about. Can someone please tell me why o why this is such a great revelation? And the fact that is just makes me very very sad. That should really tell all something very frightening about the state of the heart of the church universal and how very far we are from the heart of God.

Mike Croghan said...

Preach it, sister. But honestly, though what you say is very, very true - you can't honestly say you're surprised, can you? I mean, it is tragic that this is "a great revelation", but you have plenty enough experience in the church to know that, tragic or not, that's the situation in much of the Body of Christ. We certainly aren't going to grow nearer to God's heart by pretending otherwise.

Not disagreeing with you - at all. I wish this "missional" stuff *were* nothing we needed to fuss about, and it was just what the church universal naturally did. (In fact, that's got to be up there among my most heartfelt prayers.) But here we are. :-(

(On the other hand - just look at what God is doing with the heart of the church! We may be sick, but our God is the God of healing, who makes the lame walk and the blind see - and the dead live. Praise God!)