13 October 2006

DC Emergent Cohort meeting, Monday 16 October

Please attend to this important notice, lifted verbatim from my friend Steve's blog:

we finally got word on the location for the october meeting of the dc emergent cohort. it'll be held at, gulp, wesley tholeogical seminary. You are invited to join them for dinner in their refectory from 5:30 'til 6:30 ($7.50) or just show up at the Kresge Building and follow signs for the 7 PM discussion with Diana Butler Bass on her new book, Christianity for the Rest of Us.

I'd recommend you come, it'll be good even though its at Wesley.

That parting comment is due to Steve's being part of a rival gang, known as Virginia Theological Seminary. Perhaps if you come, you will see Wesley and VTS folks dancing and snapping and wielding jackknives, just like in West Side Story. ;-)

Thanks, Steve, for the words I stole. "Don't shade your eyes - plagiarize!" :-D

UPDATE: A comment from Steve reminded me that urban hoods (and, presumably, rumbling urban seminarians) use switchblades, not jackknives. (And to add to my self-doubt, does that word really have two k's in it? Probably not.) Sorry. I'm a redneck. We use jack[k?]nives, and don't care whether we can spell them.

My wife, however, uses carefully balanced throwing blades. She has a "to hit" bonus of +3 against goblins and their ilk. :-)


Sonja Andrews said...

Hey I might be able to come this month. I'll have to check with the grand poobah ...

spankey said...

since it seems as the the cohort isnt' doing much to advertise, we should do all we can. thanks for the shout out and for clarifying my seemingly harsh words. i'll bring my switchblade for anyone interested in a throwdown.

Sonja Andrews said...

Oh yea ... and actually it's only plagiarizing if you take the words and don't give credit for them. So ... you're not plagiarizing. Sorry about that. You tried really hard tho.

Mike Croghan said...

Yeah, I know. I just like that little rhyming aphorism. ;-)

Mike Croghan said...

Steve - that's right! Urban hoods use switchblades; rednecks use jackknives. Damn. Guess which one I am? :-) (Actually, from what I remember of your background, you're more of a redneck too. What the heck are we doing here in beltway land??)