10 August 2006

Scot McKnight on Emerging Evangelism

Scot McKnight has a post about another book I may need to add to my "to read" queue. An interesting quote:

"Our teachers and mentors in the evangelism adventure are now African and Asian and Latin American peoples."

And several "big points":

1. Evangelism is collaboration with what God is doing by listening to God, praying to God, and working with the Spirit.

2. God is raising up witnessing communities more than witnessing individuals. Belonging comes before believing — yep, he uses that old line because it is true.

3. Developing friendship through conversation is what it is all about instead of downloading information and content about the gospel. The current generation, we’ve been told over and over because it is true, does not trust the church; it will trust credible people. Become a friend. Do what you love with nonchurched folks.

4. Tell a story of God’s power and gospel realities. Stories are containers big enough to tell truth. Logic isn’t as effective as it once was. Connect your story to the stories of others.

5. Talk about a Jesus who is outside the box. Jettison the cliche Jesus. He’s more like Warhead candy than tofu [I know the latter, not the former]. He confronted religious elitism, consumerism.

6. The gospel is good news for the here and now and not just the there and then. The gospel is spiritual and physical, individual and communal, personal and social, human and cosmic, people and nations. It is good news for all of this.

7. It is an invitation to a wedding and marriage. He means it is a journey rather than an event. Inviting me to a wedding is not a good idea; too long, too formal, too much hub-bub. But, he’s got a good chp here. If salvation is union with Christ, then a wedding is a good image for what we are invited to because it leads to a marriage.

I think this is all good stuff. But don't just read about it here - pop over to Scot's blog, where (as always) the comments discussion is top notch.


Rick Lord said...


Thanks for the tip on this. I've added it to my reading shelf which, is now about 6ft in width.


Unknown said...

I have just returned from an amazing trip to India with compassion uk. We have sponsored a child for years, from the poorest of the poor. It was an honour and privalidge to travel with Justin Dowd, Ian the CEO, Graham Kendrick, and other major donors.

to see the work of compassion was really moving. I saw the mud built homes/rooms 6 people families live in. From sponsoring a child they get fed, clothed, schooled in a four part curriculum, spiritual-led to Christ and discipled, education, health and social training and are part of a local church.

often the whole family come to faith in Christ and attend the local church!

an infrastructure is raised up from grassroots providing training, empowerment, employment and they take responsibility for the projects, it was deeply moving. I got to see the work and minister to many young people and teams and churches. Terry Eckersley will be promoting the work of compassion and acting as an ambassador for them. I call it " intelligent missionary work! " it was really moving to visit the continued work of mother Theresa, I asked a sister, " do you need medical qualifications to do this work. " she answered........ " two hands to serve and one heart to love! " I was moved to tears. We complicate things so much. Continue to pray for us as we share the. Gospel and promote the work of www.compassion.uk I'm writing this from our other strategic partners at www.ucb.com www.ucb.co.uk helping pioneer Christian TV in Bulgaria and. Europe. Then winding down for C heist as, it's been a fruitful year, leading people to Christ ALL over the uk, Europe, India, USA. Rest and soak in His prescence this Christmas season. Terry and Jill Eckersley.