09 June 2006

Good stuff

I have a couple of external links for y'all tonight. First and foremost, if you're at all interested in the "Emerging Church" conversation, you simply must read Brian McLaren's article Emerging Reactions, Spring 2006. It's chock full of wisdom born of lots and lots of interaction with folks all over the Church. It's not too long, and it says things that all of us in the Emerging Church need to hear, IMHO. So read it. Read it, I say!

Secondly, you also might like this article on trans- and post-denominationalism from this dude named Keelan Downton. I've run into Keelan at both the Baltimore and Washington, DC Emergent Cohorts, and his article is brief, readable, interesting, and scholarly (four great tastes not often found together). So if you're interested in reflections on what the future may hold vis-a-vis denominationalism (and what that might have to do with the future of political nationalism), check it out.

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WMS said...

Mike, that article by Brian McLaren really describes what I think Mars Hill and/or Common Table might be striving to attain. Although, I think some of us (me) have become rather ghettoish in my retreat from "THOSE Christians" McLaren really puts 2 fingers resting on the pulse of whats next for me... the man is gifted... now go out and re-purchase those books that you so wonderfully de-attached from today! ;) I really recommend that everyone I know read McLaren's words... just great stuff!