24 June 2006

The Ditty Bops

Hey, are any of y'all familiar with the Ditty Bops?

Tina and I think they're pretty cool. Right now, they're bicycling across America, doing shows, with proceeds going to a bicycle advocacy group that builds bikes for people in need in developing nations.

If you haven't heard their music, you can get a sample from the video for their song "Wishful Thinking" on this page. Ooh, and I just realized that you can listen to all the songs from both of their albums here.

Of course, it may not be to your taste, but we like it.

Anyway, local readers might be interested to know that they're biking to Jammin' Java right here in Vienna on Thursday, 24 August (doors open at 7 PM). Tickets are only $12. I just bought two for Tina and me. Thought it was possible some of y'all might be interested.

1 comment:

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