01 December 2005

A Prayer for a Moral Budget

I'm seriously praying about taking the day off, going down to the Capitol and getting arrested on the 14th. Anybody want to come? Or, alternatively, does anybody who's in VA want to work on organizing a vigil in our state? (I'll probably give that one a few days to see if someone with half a clue gets to it first.) Anybody not in VA want to organize one in your state?

But maybe it's not an urgent matter. It's too bad Congress wants to cut things like food stamps and day care for low-income folks, but at least the tax cuts for those truly in need (rich individuals and powerful corporations) are sacrosanct--thank God!

Seriously, thank God instead for people like Sojourners who are working on behalf of "the least of these" and also (utterly trivially) on behalf of my Christmas spirit.

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WMS said...

I will go with you Mike. Seriously. And while we're at it, let's post this on Pledge Bank and see how many people we can get to go with us. I'm serious.