08 November 2005

Calm down, Croghan

Oooooh, this pisses me off!

Anti-war sermon brings tax trouble


Anonymous said...


There has been very much comment about this on a couple of Anglican e-mail lists I belong to. It looks very much like intimidation by the IRS, since a great number of religious right-evangelical churches have taken overt and covert action to support GWB; and some RC bishops were threatening to refuse communion from anyone who voted for a candidate who was pro-choice, or for stem cell research. The preacher in question responded here: http://tinyurl.com/8z9fn


Mike Croghan said...

A nice response, I think. This is such transparently political bullying, it really frosts my cupcakes. If it has a chilling effect on the prophetic voice of even one preacher in one pulpit in the U.S., it's a grave injury and very hard to forgive. Grrr. Must stop before I raise the profanity quotient of this blog a few notches.