13 November 2005

Sleeping in Light

I just finished watching Joe Straczynski's commentary on "Sleeping in Light", the final episode of Babylon 5, and I'm cryin' like a baby. I'm telling you, folks, whether or not you like sci-fi, if you're willing to give this series a time investment, you will be rewarded. Absolutely breathtaking storytelling, characterization, performances, and very deeply human themes. Don't allow yourself to be put off by the odd space aliens or the explosions. This is a story about friendship, redemption, sacrifice, love, acceptance, triumph against all odds, and the fact that ultimately that which can bring us together is so much stronger than those things which would tear us apart. And it's a sustained, coherent story with a beginning, middle, and end that's told over five years of television episodes--a feat both unprecedented and unmatched.

Sniff. All good things must end. I'm glad this story was told, and I'm glad I can watch it again some day on DVD. Thanks, Joe.

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