27 June 2003

Temporary Foster Scaredy-Dog Max

Oh, and we have a new dog. No, another one. Right.

He's a temporary foster dog, just until after the 4th of July weekend. I swear to God. After the 4th, either he goes or Tina goes.

His name is Max, and to say he's afraid of his own shadow would be to imply that his shadow has some special status that it doesn't have; he's afraid of everything. We think he must have been abused, which is pretty unthinkable, because he's such a sweet-natured guy. He's a big Shephard mix and he looks like a great big Rottweiler. He looks scary, in other words, but he's really completely the opposite. Scared.

He led us a merry chase last night, when I was a bonehead and accidentally let him out. We toured the neigborhood (broadly speaking; we saw many blocks) with me in the car, Max on the sidewalk, and Tina on the sidewalk behind him wearing nothing but a bathrobe. We eventually cornered him in somebody's back yard. Tina's pretty flabbergasted by my complete and utter lack of knowledge about how to catch an escaped animal. Now I know more.

Next post is a story that features Max as well as the other canines. Stay tuned.