15 June 2003

Re-joining the church of my youth

My blog has readers! I know this because I've received e-mail from a couple of them. Because I am Cheap, and don't intend to pay Blogger anything, I can't tell all kinds of wonderful statistics about them, like what percentage of them come from Tanzania, or use Opera, which makes me a little sad. But not sad enough to cough up the $$.

Let's see, a week ago, I officially became an Episcopalian again, sort of. I mean, there's no real hurdle I had to jump. I was baptized and confirmed as a kid, so I was already, strictly speaking, as Episcopalian as it's possible to be. But since I spent many years being a practicing Nothing and then a few years being a practicing Buddhist, and since I am now, without turning my back on the principles I learned as a Buddhist (and a Nothing), really getting into being a practicing Christian, it was nice to have the Bishop lay his hands on my head and make it all official-like. The ceremony was called Reaffirmation (as in reaffirmation of baptismal vows, which you can see here if you're interested) and it was done as part of the same ceremony in which folks (mostly high-school kids) were Confirmed and other folks were "Received" as members of the Episcopal Church if they were baptized and confirmed in other churches. It was nice. They gave me a nifty little prayer book.

For those who would say "Good g-d! Doesn't George W. Bush belong to that church?" I reply: Yes, but it's also the church of John Shelby Spong and Alan Jones.