23 September 2011

My new tat

Hey y'all - check out my gawjus new tattoo (above).

See the chalice in the middle?  See what it's sitting on?  You know what that is?  That's a Common Table, yo.  :-)

Here's a pic of my amazing tattoo artist, Amy X (aka Ax), working her magic:

If you live in the DC area and are thinking of getting some ink, you'd be a damn fool not to talk to Amy.

Photo credits go to my tat buddy, the lovely and labyrinthine Maranda Tennyson.

And a big hat tip to our extraordinary friend Amy the Moffitt, who introduced Maranda and me to Ax!


Rachel said...

LOVE it. Seriously, love.

BBOW73 said...

Congrads on the tat and switching to Mac, welcome to the tribe.

I'll consider Amy X if and when my time comes.

thanida said...

VERY GOOD POST FOR ME.thanks very much