23 May 2011

Why I don't need a tablet

Just to annoy people, and also to prove (to any who still had doubts) that I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed (given that I'm paid to code apps for tablet computers), I made the following Venn diagram to explain why I don't need a tablet, and why I remain skeptical that anyone else really needs one either. I'm pretty well convinced that Apple and Amazon (because I feel exactly the same about e-readers like Kindle) created a brand new market out of nothing but thin air and gee-wiz-wowee-cool-factor. I suspect that the only folks who really "need" a tablet are those for whom it's really the only computer they need - very light users who pretty much just do web browsing, reading, and quick emails (and Skype with the grandkids). Alls the rest of y'all, lugging around your iPad or Nook along with your laptop in your bag and your iPhone or Android phone in your pocket - well, it sure does look cool, I'll give you that.

Anyway, here's my diagram. I'm sure you'll agree that that's settled, now. Carry on.


Anonymous said...

I think your technical analysis is accurate, but I think you underestimate the size of the market for whom a tablet can be the only computer they have. People like my mom, who as you said, mostly web browse, do a few e-mail. The improved portability of a tablet is nice, yet the screen is large enough over a mobile phone to be pleasant for reading books or viewing web pages (and large enough print for the boomers—previous seniors tended to be ludites, so font size didn't matter, but the current crop is at least used to browsing and email).

And as a big feature, tablets aren't running Windows. People who don't know about computers tend to stick with Windows over Macs because they're afraid of software compatibility, but with a tablet it's apparent it does most of what they want, yet is free of Windows hassles (viruses, spyware, etc.). The mobile revolution is the thing that will break—is breaking—Microsoft's stranglehold on operating system software.

harada57 said...
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