26 October 2009

TransFORM: Missional Community Formation

Check out this video: beautiful little snippets of stories of what God is doing in vibrant, struggling, little, weird-ass communities across the continent. (It's happening elsewhere too, but I'm pretty sure these folks all are in the US.)

Gives me chills. My friends are such tools!

Er...I mean, tools in the hand of God! God is using them in mighty ways. That's what I mean. :-)

Rock on, y'all!

Check it out. (Also, especially East Coast and ESPECIALLY DC-area-peeps: stay tuned for news of an event in the spring that'll be all about fostering these kinds of communities!)

OK, all right, check it out:

TransFORM: Missional Community Formation from TransFORM on Vimeo.

1 comment:

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