26 May 2009

Julienning my inner couch potato FTW

Active lifestyle update for the past 7 days:

Wednesday: Ran 5K before work
Thursday: Ran 5K before work
Friday: Afternoon of kayaking on the Potomac
Saturday: Hiked Little Devil's Stairs (7+ miles) (gorgeous!!)
Sunday: Climbed Old Rag (8+ miles) (wicked fun and challenging boulder scrambles)
Monday: On the sixth day, Croghan rested
Tuesday: Ran 5K after work

This may not seem very impressive to you, or perhaps it sounds like bragging. But to me, the fat kid with bad eyesight who always got picked last for every team in gym class and who (barring a little occasional hiking, biking, and skiing) never did much of anything remotely athletic until about five years ago - I've come a long way, baby. A frakking hard-fought, slogging-but-ultimately-rewarding long way. So maybe I am bragging. So what? Brag brag brag. I feel good.

This past week is also the week I've officially lost 20 pounds since January 1st. And falling!

Our next (that is, second ever) "official" 5K race is this one on 6 June:

A Day at the Races Cross Country 5K

If you'll be in the area and want to join Tina and me, y'all come!

Image by euqus (rights)


jason said...

good job man, you inspire me (as i sit on my couch like a potato, alternating between blogs and xbox).

Maggie said...

Good for you Mick! (How come 'good for you' always sounds sarcastic? I've started overusing exclamation points online because they're some kind of non-sarcastic tag.)

[REDACTED] said...

Wow! I think this deserves a TRUE attaboy.

Get ready, Mike, here it comes.

Attaboy, Mike! Attaboy!


Anonymous said...

Inspiring Mike...keep it up. Maybe we can go for a run? 5k sounds good to me.

tom lynch