10 February 2009

Free Philip Rizk!

NY Times Van Spirits Away Protester in Egypt, Signaling Crackdown on Criticism Over Gaza

Associated Press - Germany seeks reasons for student's Egypt arrest

BBC - Gaza activist detained in Egypt

IHT - German-Egyptian activist held in secret location

Facebook Group - Please Join to raise visibility on this unlawful detention lacking in due process.

The more visibility this gains - the safer Philip is.

p.s. Want to Learn More?
Read more about Egypt, and it's human rights record.
US Aid to Egypt is great than any other Arab State.


P3T3RK3Y5 said...

Friends around the world are getting together to celebrate his birthday on Thursday, even if Egyptian State Security decides he is spending it with them because of his solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Here in DC, we'll be getting together at Marx Cafe on Mt. Pleasant St at 7pm:

Where: Marx Cafe
3203 Mt. Pleasant St. NW
Washington, DC
When: Thursday, February 12, 7:00 PM

No particular agenda. Just get together, lift a few cold ones for Phil's release, and maybe chat about ideas if, God forbid, this should go on much longer. We will also take photos and send them to the Rizk's for his and their moral support.

dave said...
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dave said...

he's out


Ben Masters said...

Wow! I didn't know that he got this much press. I heard he was released, which is great.

Incidentally, I'm good friends with his sister-in-law.