23 December 2008

WUMPSPASMs, gay folk, and Rick Warren

There's a big part of me that feels like I should just STFU when it comes to issues of oppression. Why? Because I am the oppressor. I'm a member of just about every privileged class there is. In college, because I realized that "WASP" doesn't begin to cover it, I even made up a new acronym for folks like me: WUMPSPASM. White, Unchallenged (Mentally and Physically), Straight, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon Males. Since then it has occurred to me that I could easily keep adding to that list, and always end up on the "Screw alls y'all, I got mine! Hee hee!" side of the equation. Nationality? American Empire. Check. Socio-economic class? The Haves. Check. Techno-empowered? Utter dweeb. Check. Etc., etc. You could maybe argue the "unchallenged (mentally)" because I have bipolar disorder, but it's managed by meds...so nope, I'm still among the privileged.

So who am I to say anything to my gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered/queer sisters and brothers - and the progressive folk who stand in solidarity with them - about how they should react to President-Elect Obama's choice of Rick Warren to pray at the inauguration? Effin' nobody. Seriously, I get that. Who am I to ask them to reject the tools and methods of the oppressor - shunning, silencing, exclusion, etc. - in favor of the extension of grace and inclusion, even to a guy who uses those tools on you? I'm nobody, and worse than nobody - I'm a guy who was born with full access to those tools and more. It's easy for me to say, "turn the other cheek" - mine isn't bloodied. I'm the bloodier.

Still, FWIW, I'm grateful for Melissa E. and her approach to this difficult issue.

HT: The bald wise guy.


Deanna said...

Boy am I relieved to see the content of this post. I thought "WUMPSPASM" was a reference to your recent -ahem- "stomach" affliction.

Monk-in-Training said...

Love, Grace, and Forgiveness to those who have persecuted or abused, is the ONLY way to break the cycle.

Counter intuitive, but it IS the Gospel

Rachel said...

Everyone needs an A. Especially the GLBTQI(A) community. Thanks for (I think) being an A.

Mike Croghan said...

Thanks, Rachel. Yes, I think and hope I'm an A. However, it must be said: y'all got more initials and acronyms than a bunch of Linux developers. TGFG (thank God for Google). ;-)

vantheman said...

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