10 November 2008


So like most of us us who were there, I think I'm going to be processing this past weekend in Philly for a while. But two of the things I'm chewing on most of all are these two quotes.

The first, from our guest of honor, the inimitable Peter Rollins (roughly paraphrased - who could keep up with the man's words?):

Whenever a circle is drawn defining insiders and outsiders, us and them - the Christian is the one who always steps outside that circle to identify with the outsiders.

(If anyone can improve my remembrance of that idea, please help. There will be a podcast, I think.)

The second quote is from Bob, our gracious host (we crashed at his house), a wise and unbitter escaped pastor:

Money almost always presupposes control.

I keep turning over and over those two ideas. Maybe eventually I'll make something of them.


Mike Stavlund said...

I think you did a good job with that great Rollins quote-- I was taking notes, but when he said that I rather dropped my virtual pen.

Tim Mathis said...

I love the first quote. I'm putting it on favorite quotes on Facebook. I'm also going to see/meet him next week at Church of the Apostles. Cheers.