18 August 2008

Wordle is cool

I made a Wordle (above) from my semi-recent "What I Really Think" series of posts. (From March, when my blog was on fire. Contrast with August, when my blog is on sedatives. Or something.) Anyway, the Wordle. It's cute.

HT: My FB-friend Alissa.

Credit: http://wordle.net/ (rights)


Mike Stavlund said...

if that wordle was an ink blot, I'd say it looks like the United States, and that you're driving a big wedge called 'church' through the Midwest.

Mike Croghan said...

Hmm. And the color scheme is very "red and blue", too, innit? A subtle (or not-so-subtle) commentary on the left/right divisions that all too easily define both political and ecclesial discourse in this time and place in history?

Perhaps. Perhaps.