05 April 2007

Trying again!

Here's a terrible picture of the house on which, as of this morning, we have a ratified contract! Yay! E-mail me if you want to check out the full listing, but it's in Herndon. Inspection is on Monday, and if that doesn't scare us away, we close on 27 April! The seller needs to live there for a few weeks after settlement, so we'll be moving the last week or two in May. We're actually a lot more hopeful and excited about this one than we were about the one that we backed out of in January.

:-D !!!


Ken Tennyson said...

Cool, I hope it works out!

Gallycat said...

That reminds me, i close on our place in Front Royal on Thursday. insane, hunh, that we would wind up this close on that! we move in synchronous circles.

GOOD LUCK! Shall we swap moving mojo? Of course, I already owe ya...