10 February 2007


Tomorrow, in our Sunday morning worship service, my Christian community is going to pray together for healing. Divine, supernatural healing of 100% real ailments, physical or otherwise. If you've been following the history of our church at all over the past year or so, you might realize what an incredibly audacious thing this is for us, in this community, to do. Can we really believe in the power of God to heal? If God has that power, why the F**K does God withhold that power? Does God's healing depend on our belief? If not, then on what does it depend?

If you think of it, pray for us.

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Rachel said...

prayers - check.
If you haven't already picked it up - I highly commend to your reading pleasure Diana Butler Bass' new book - Christianity for the Rest of Us. She has a whole chapter on healing, I liked it.
Bless you.