23 December 2006

5 things YOU didn't know about me

Well, my friend the LightLady tagged me with a meme (ow!), so here y'all go. Five things almost nobody knows about me:

1) When I was six or so, my cousin chucked a plastic toy block at my head and knocked the corner off my left front tooth. We tried to repair it a couple of times when I was a kid, and the fake bit fell off both times, so I gave up.

2) I love to travel, but I've never set foot a different continent than the one I was born on. I've been to both Canada and Mexico a few times each.

3) I'm quite literally a bastard - my mom never married my biological father. However, my dad (who adopted me when I was five) and my biological father are both 100% Irish, so I'm 50% Irish no matter how you slice it. Which is why I try very hard not to hear my new nickname ("Mick") as an ethnic slur. ;-)

4) Tina and I have known each other since we started going to the same school in the 8th grade. However, we didn't start dating until we were freshmen in college.

5) I have a phobia about driving over suspension bridges. It's a really bad idea for me to atempt to do that. Freaks me out big time.

So, there you go. BrickDude, GoldenGirl, StaplerGuy, PassageChick, and BoredSeminarian: tag, you're it.


Anonymous said...

Well, if it's any consolation, lots of people have that phobia. I read recently that the Chesapeake Bay Bridge even has a staff that will drive you across the bridge if you can't do it yourself!

Anonymous said...

I tagged LightLady, good to see this continuing to flow. Interesting stuff about yourself!

Gallycat said...

belatedly,merry christmas, sweetie! and to tina and all the furry ones too!

hope to see you both again soon.