15 July 2006

The Gospel in a Pluralist Society

Hey, you know that book I've been raving about, by the late English missionary and bishop Lesslie Newbigin, called The Gospel in a Pluralist Society? Well, Prof. Scot McKnight (on whose blog you can always find good things) tipped me off to the fact that Drew Moser over at Rural Praxis has begun a series on the book. It looks like it'll be kind of like the series I'm doing on The Continuing Conversion of the Church, only far more skillful - whereas I'm only managing a dense summary of the book, Drew seems to be achieving a readable commentary.

If you're interested in a lot of the issues facing the Christian church in a 21st century, pluralistic, postmodern society - including issues of truth (absolute? relative? culturally conditioned?), the particularity of Jesus, mission, interfaith relations, engaging the cultures, etc. - then you really ought to read this book. If you don't have time to read the book - or don't want to do it on my say-so - then you should check out Drew's series.

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