21 May 2006

Congratulations, Pete and Jackie!!!!

Wow! What a day! My friends Pete and Jackie, from my little church (The Common Table) got themselves wedded yesterday. Without a doubt, it was the most mind-blowingly awesome, joyful, musically virtuoso wedding I've ever heard of, much less attended. What a privilege to be there - considering the musical talent alone, I've paid big bucks to attend concerts that were a pale shadow of this wedding's joyful noise. But don't think for a minute that it was all style and no substance - every word and every note was grounded in grace, love, gratitude, and a deep relationship with God in Christ. The meditation (homily) by my friend Mike was masterful and inspiring, even if he did look (rather uncharacteristically) a bit like a TV preacher, with his black suit, clean-shaven face, and perfect hair. ;-) A rather tired TV preacher who, nonetheless, was fit to burst with love and joy for his dear friends, beginning their covenanted life together - and rawther amazingly eloquent about it, I might add. They're an amazing couple, and are surrounded by loving, committed, and faithful family and friends, so it's with complete confidence that I wish them long life together filled with joy and good fruits.

Tina and I drove back last night (along with Erin) to save on petsitting and hotel costs, so I agreed to cover "church" at The Common Table this morning, even though most folks were staying in PA for the weekend and weren't going to be in town. The plan was "donuts and open discussion", but we weren't sure whether anyone else was going to show up. Well, no-one did. Which is not a problem, because my co-workers will appreciate the gift of day-old donuts tomorrow morning. However, if any of y'all are getting back in town this afternoon and want to drop by my place for your official Donut of the Common Table, please feel free. :-)

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