30 April 2006

I am the happiest dude in the fricking universe

I got some totally awesome news today - Tina's coming off the trail, and she seems to be totally at peace with it. It's just become monotony, and she's lonely, but she doesn't feel defeated by it, because she's hiked through a bunch of bad stuff - her pack injuring her shoulder and hip, a sinus infection, our dog dying - and kept on going. It's been going well for a while, but she's decided that she just doesn't like hiking alone week after week after week, and she doesn't want to do it any more. So she's coming home!

This wasn't an outcome I even allowed myself to pray for, much less hint to Tina how much I miss her. I truly did and do want her to do what she needs to do, and to get from this what she needs. But now that she's made the decision, and she seems completely cool with it,



I'm so happy.

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Scott said...

Welcome home Tina-cat.