27 August 2005

Why orthodoxy? (Part 3: Another disclaimer)

I need to make another disclaimer about what I'm not doing with this series of posts: I'm not doing what is usually thought of these days when you hear the word "evangelism": trying to make the Christian faith attractive to non-Christians. I am trying to do what has been referred to as "the continuing conversion of the church"; I'm asking those who consider themselves committed Christians--but who may not see the value of trying to affirm the core beliefs of Christianity--to reconsider that value. Although non-Christians are certainly welcome in the conversation, I'm not trying to say to them, "See how kewl Christianity is: we've got this big list of beliefs and fun and weaselly ways to believe them." That would be dumb. I think non-Christians are much more likely to come to the faith though the doors of community, practice, and "faith in", as opposed to "belief that." If arguing about beliefs ever really worked as a method of evangelism (doubtful), then that time is past, I think.

That said, I sincerely hope that non-Christians don't look at that list of beliefs a couple of posts back and see it as a big ol' wall they'd need to scale before they'd be welcome to try experiencing a Christian community. The sorts of Christian communities I hang out in will never, ever ask you if you affirm those beliefs. Your faith is between you and God. "Orthodoxy" never needs to be an issue for you unless you want it to be.

However, if you do consider yourself a Christian, but question (as well you might) the value of even trying to hold some of those beliefs in your head, this series of posts is intended to invite you and me to consider carefully that very good question.

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