23 January 2005

Mike's interpretation of the Lord's Prayer, v2.0

Just over a year ago, I published my own "translation" or interpretation of the Lord's Prayer. You can read that post here if you want to. Since then, I've realized that that translation contained at least one glaring error: interpreting "hallowed be thy name" as a statement of fact instead of an expression of hope. So here's a second crack at it. I fixed that problem, and also included a take on the traditional doxology at the end.

"Pray, then, in this way."

Our beloved Mother-Father,
Not a thing, but the Source of all things,
May all that points to You be set apart and adored.

May we also come to yearn for
The world that You yearn for,
And may that world become our reality.

Help us to find what we really need today
To best serve You and our fellow creatures.

When we do wrong, don’t hold it against us.
Likewise, we won’t hold it against our brother or sister who wrongs us.

Help us to avoid that which will get us in trouble,
And when we do get in trouble, lead us safely home.

I can ask all this because there is a world, both Now and Not Yet, in which You reign,
Because You have the loving power to make that world real,
And because all of Your creation bears witness that this is true.

May it be so! (Amen)

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