27 July 2006

"The Story We Find Ourselves In" Conference

I lifted this verbatim from the blog of my friends at the DC Emergent Cohort. I didn't think they'd mind. I've already registered for the conference described below. I expect to worship God, make friends, and learn a lot. If you can make the time, join us!

Conference: The Story We Find Ourselves In

Curious about the emerging church, where we came from and where we are going?
Explore the exciting heritage of Protestantism in America with us in September.

Speakers include: Brian McLaren, Estrelda Alexander, Scott Kisker, Diana Butler Bass, Doug Strong, Tim Keel, Don Dayton and Ron White.

September 18-21, 2006 at Cedar Ridge Community Church
Highlights include a Love feast, a Camp Meeting in a historic outdoor tabernacle, and Emerging Worship featuring Harp 46
Rates, Registration and Conference information available at http://www.wesleysem.edu/mci/story/default.asp
Register Now!
Questions? Contact Sara Sheppard at ssheppard@wesleyseminary.edu

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Sara said...

Hey Mike, Thanks for this! We really appriciate the extra exposure. I think this will be a great event and am looking forward to meeting folks from all over the country who have registered.

Stay cool!