10 July 2006

Marriage as sacrament

Jamie Arpin-Ricci has a wonderful post on sacraments and eschatology, and my favorite part is this brief paragraph on marriage:

In the last ten years, as this sacramental view began to mature in my life, I came to understand why many of the ancient traditions view marriage as a sacrament (Note, I am referring to marraige, not just the wedding). The love between spouses is used frequently in Scripture as a parallel for God's love for His people. While I once believed that God was simply using a convenient parallel in this regards, but I have come to believe that marriage was formed to reflect that pre-existing, eternal Love- that this Truth is so central and important that it has been written into the fabric of Creation itself.

Really, really good, true stuff. Thanks, Jamie!


Cori said...

Gary Thomas writes a great book titled 'The Sacred Marriage'. In it he suggests that the purpose of marriage is not primarily to make us happy, but rather to make us holy - and to make us fully aware of what God's love is really all about - being that love and receiving that love.

I like this idea of marriage as sacrement...

Thanks for this, Michael!

Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...


Thanks for the shout out. I hope to do a few more posts on eschatology soon.