13 April 2006

Time for a rerun: The Freakin' Hilarious Dog Wranging Story

OK, I have a couple of blog posts coming that have been incubating for a while as my life has been driving over bumpy roads for a bit: the next CCotC installment, and one on "Leadership and Technique", in which I will make a lame attempt to synthesize recent observations from both of my churches.

Those will probably surface some time this holy weekend. In the mean time, in honor of my dearly departed snow dog, I'd like you to travel with me back in time - to a blog post from three years ago, when both this blog and Blade's membership in our family were very new and unfamiliar things. It features our two bunnies (Ziggy, who has since passed on, and Teresa, who still hops around the room in the basement mentioned at the end) and three dogs: our beloved Blade, our sweet girl Machig, and our Temporary Foster Scaredy-Dog, Max. (For brief background on Max, read this post first.)

So, without further ado, The Freakin' Hilarious Dog Wranging Story. (Note: Parental guidance is suggested due to some naughty language.)

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